Panela Artisan Sugar Cane
Panela Artisan Sugar Cane

Panela Artisan Sugar Cane


Twisted Fig is proud to introduce you to Panela, 100% natural and unprocessed whole cane sugar. Panela is handcrafted by boiling and evaporating sugarcane juice, an artisanal technique that retains nutrients and results in incredible flavor.

Made from raw sugarcane, panela is pure and unrefined, Nela is never bleached or processed like white, brown or turbinado sugar. Nela's unique flavor profile is a great compliment to your favorite coffee bean, dessert or marinade.

“Raw” sugar isn’t really raw?

The natural molasses and nutrients are removed from turbinado and other “raw sugars” when the sugar cane is processed in a factory.

Brown sugar: just white sugar in disguise

Brown sugar is usually just refined, bleached white sugar, with the molasses added back in after processing.

Stevia messes with you

Stevia often contains erythritol, a sugar alcohol that can cause bloating and worse.

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