Dieting Teas

White Tea - Fat Blocker

Also known as THE FAT BLOCKER white tea that is dried naturally makes it the richest source of antioxidants, as much as 3x as green tea!  Studies show that white tea can simultaneously boost lipolysis (breakdown of at) and block adipogenesis (formation of new fat cells).  Try our White Pai Mu Tan

If there is such a thing as a diet tea - this is it!

Black Tea - Intermittent Fasting

 The most popular of teas, black tea is the darkest & strongest due to full oxidation, and is the go to for intermittent fasting the answer to dieting help for those in between "grumbelly" moments!  Try our Assam.

Black & green teas pack the most powerful punch with antioxidants to help reduce your risk of heart disease & stroke. diet tea

Oolong - Weight loss

 Oolong is the Chinese name for black dragon and this tea, like green tea is packed with catechins that promote weight loss by boosting you body's ability to metabolize lipids (fat).

Medical studies found those that regularly sipped oolong lost 6 lbs. over a 6 weeks period - that's a pound a week! how to lose weight

Green Tea - Metabolism Booster

THIS METABOLISM BOOSTER unlocks your fat cells before a workout.  Sip a cup of green tea each day with a 25 minute sweat session and lose 1-2 pounds more than a non-tea drinker! Try our delicious Goji.

Thanks to the catechins "belly fat busters" that trigger the release of fat from their cells and speed up liver function = fat to energy! how to lose weight

Mint Tea - Craving Crusher

how to lose weight Commonly known as the CRAVING CRUSHERS just fill a big cup with a soothing mint tea and sniff yourself skinny!

Certain scents trigger hunger and others suppress.  Studies show that folks who sniff peppermint every two hours lose an average of five pounds per month!  Try our NanaMint.

What are you waiting for?

Rooibos Tea - Hunger Stopper

 This hunger stopping  red tea is grown exclusively in South Africa near Cape Town and regulates fat storage hormones.  Good for your belly is the compound aspalathin.  Research shows this can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger!

Try our Tiramisu for dessert!

Fat storage is linked to high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, diabetes and more. health & wellness